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What will the future of mobile sensors to streamline

MEMS technology for the rapid development of smart phone applications , ” indoor navigation ” function also plays a part in fact the driving force , but it has not been possible to show the best results, but this feature for mobile phone users actually not so needs.

mobile sensors

mobile sensors

In the recently held in Munich “European MEMS Industry Summit ” (MEMSExecutiveCongressEurope) on , NokiaLumiaTechnology audio hardware , senior manager TeemuRamo said that in the future some of the mobile phone design , the pressure sensor and other sensors may be omitted .

TeemuRamo said: “The past practice is to go into everything , but now we can see the trend .” Less is more “(lessismore) such as indoor navigation was not successful as expected, therefore , in the mobile phone design . when you do not have to join a pressure sensor that we must ask is : What is the added value of such a point of view of a particular sensor , gas sensor is superfluous ? ” .

The pressure sensor can be used to distinguish between different floors shopping mall , but the question is : Who is more favorable for this ?

Users are quite savvy and know one of the reasons is the presence of a pressure sensor so that they can be positioned ─ ─ but in fact they do not like this feature. Furthermore , a number can not effectively play the role of indoor navigation system will also have a negative impact on the mobile phone manufacturer brands.

Ramo noted that the design of the upcoming trends in mobile phones is more focused on the actual needs of the user function , rather than deliberately using some amazing new technology as a gimmick to attract early adopters . He said , in fact, the basic requirements of users will first be filtered through telecom operators, but may also require Nokia and other mobile phone companies continue to add more and more MEMS in mobile phones to please App developers.

In addition , he said, radio beacons (radiobeacon) has become the new focus of research , because the dead reckoning system is not very accurate , often the user is actually displayed in the shopping mall , but people are still out of the error condition . Even indoor navigation system can be effective , for telecom operators and other suppliers of products and services for mobile phone users than the benefits to much .

Ramo said that when the handset manufacturers to focus on the user really wants and useful features , the mobile phone industry will enter a new era. For example , Samsung released GalaxyS5 stressed that turned when less is more strategy.

He also said that although the smart phone early adopters might be some want to ” early adopters” of technology enthusiasts , but used by the next generation of smart phones will be more focused on the basic functions of assessment products are effectively carried out.